Think Lightweight solutions can be up to 30% less expensive than solid wood panels. Here’s an excellent example of the cost effectiveness of hollowcore panels. The ceiling beam project below was originally specified as glue lam beams with dimensions of 3” x 10” and 1” x 6” and up to 27’ long. Can you imagine the cost of the glue lam beams for this? Let alone the additional cost of the support structure for design specification? The client approached us to provide a lightweight technology option. We reviewed the design, engineered a solution, and presented a prototype for their review. Our proposal met every design specification and reduced the cost of the project by 30%. It’s beautiful too!

London Hospital Project

Another example would be our project for Anne Taylor, a woman’s clothing store. The design concept was a 1-½” thick panel box which created an open two-sided display for the front window. They tried to accomplish this with solid construction but it was impossible without supports or brackets. However, this ruined the look they were trying to achieve. We were able to provide a simple solution with our lightweight technology that also enabled them to ship the displays directly to the stores via courier (instead of LTL freight). Rather than requiring a dedicated installation crew for assembly, the store staff were able to assemble it themselves!