The lighter the object, the easier it is to handle.

When Best Buy decided to rebrand their stores they knew they were facing many challenges. How do they modernize the look and feel across their 2,100 retail locations? The answer was Think Lightweight! Our solution shown in the image below, presents their new brand on all of the hanging products in the center and around the perimeter walls. It’s a beautiful change from previous dated look. One of the main reasons they selected our lightweight hollowcore panel technology was ease of handling. This was a massive roll out and there was a tremendous amount of new signage and paneling per store. They had to select a solution that would be easy to handle and install. Using our lightweight solutions reduced the number of installers. That was less people flying to stores, staying overnight, and eating meals. There was a significant installation cost savings with lightweight.

Best Buy Project

Ease of handling isn’t solely applicable to the installer. It impacts every person who has to move the panel along its way to the end user. This even includes the freight company. For example, we provide lightweight office furniture doors and what normally happens when you have a tall object going into a building? Someone has to carry it up the stairs or they have to take the ceiling out of the elevator because it won’t fit. This results in a higher incidence of damage. Remove the weight and the number of damage incidences drops significantly.