At Think Lightweight, our goal is to replace heavier, harder wood material products with lightweight, more adaptable, and stronger hollowcore panel solutions. We are pioneers in the field of lightweight hollowcore technology and have over twenty-eight years of experience. Through the use of our robotics and computer technology manufacturing, we provide you with high-quality and customized products that deliver beautiful aesthetics, reduced project lead-times, and excellent structural quality.OUR VALUES, MISSION AND VISION  LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ROBOTICS 

Why Should You Think Lightweight?

Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction lconBy using our lightweight technology, our clients have easier and quicker installations. Our products greatly reduce the risk of panel damage, require less hardware and installers, and lower the cost of freight and labor costs!

Strength to Weight Ratio

Strength to Weight Ratio IconA key advantage of lightweight structures is that you get very high strength with minimal panel weight. This means no more bending, sagging, or deflection in your panels! Our materials can reach lengths of up to 96″ with no bending and deflecting.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness IconThink Lightweight solutions can be up to 30% less expensive than solid wood panels, and they cut down on freight costs too! Thanks to our state-of-the-art materials and technology, we can meet your project requirements at lower costs than solid products.

Ease of Handling

Ease of Handling IconThe lighter the object, the easier it is to handle. When you use Think Lightweight materials, your risk of damage decreases, your freight, and labor costs decrease, and your costs for installation will drop significantly.

Stability and Consistency

Stability and Consistency IconWith our hollowcore panels, your panels will appear 100% straight, flat and look identical, with none of the irregularities or imperfections that come with traditional wood products.


Creativity IconWhether it’s creating a backdrop for a movie set, a ceiling at an airport or an attention grabbing exhibit at a museum, our customized manufacturing process allows us to make exactly what you’re looking for.

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Why Choose Hollowcore

You probably don’t think about lightweight structures used throughout history and every day all around you. One of the strongest shapes in nature is honeycomb. The honeycomb is well known for its strength because a minimal amount of material can create the maximum amount of strength for that particular surface area. Testing has proven that the strength to weight ratio of a honeycomb far exceeds that of solid structures.

Think about an airplane wing. How would the plane’s performance be if that wing was solid instead of hollow? The wing is a great example of a lightweight structure. Lightweight structures increase performance and save money by reducing initial and on-going costs, while also offering other efficiency advantages. Now, think about a bridge. The arch is a very strong structure that can support many times its weight because it distributes it across the structure. So, when we think about shapes in an aircraft, a honeycomb, and a bridge, we begin to understand the defining principle behind lightweight panel technology. We use the principles of arches and honeycomb, and it’s these structures that enable us to replace the expensive heavy solid structures you currently provide your clients.

Think Lightweight hollowcore panels are very different than dealing with monolithic materials such as solid wood or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). With Think Lightweight hollowcore technology, combinations of materials are selected based on their own individual mechanical properties to achieve a lighter product, while maintaining thickness and strength simultaneously. The central core layer can be made of a lighter weight, less expensive material. The central core gives bi-directional cross-member behaviors in the transverse direction, which alleviate stress. This is where the weight and cost savings advantage comes from. This is not unlike the concept of truss engineering in arches, bridges, and honeycombs.

Airplane wing
Honeybee on Honeycomb
Think Lightweight Products

How We Can Increase Your Sales

Our goal is to help you provide high-quality solutions to your clients and we can help you sell more in four different ways.

We provide initial and on-going product training.

Of course, all of your suppliers provide training but we consider our training to be unique because we deliver it in your language and the way you like to be trained. It’s done using real-world examples that are conducive to your fast-paced environment.

We will provide engineering and 3D renderings in any format you need (and you can access our entire library of lightweight images online).

You can be assured of a smooth professional journey when doing business with us. Our focus is on the customer and helping you become successful. For example, if your client provided a rough hand drawn sketch, our research and design team will create the rendering, assembly instructions, and installation instructions, all from that piece of paper.

We provide sales leads.

Do you need some sales leads right now? We are continually generating leads and we will provide them to you and help you work those leads to close.

We will conduct joint visit sales calls with you.

We like to go on sales calls, so if you have an important client, invite us along! We will be glad to attend and help you close that high-value deal.