Think Lightweight products can be used in a wide variety of applications across many different vertical industries. Our top three most popular industries are retail, restaurants, and hotels. These industries share many of the same challenges and characteristics. They have a number of locations, as a result they have perform installations across geographically dispersed areas. Therefore, they require durable solutions that can be easily and economically installed. Their environment must reflect their brand image so they require high quality and visually pleasing fixtures. Our Think Lightweight hollowcore products are perfect for decorative ceilings, suspended panels, walls, beams, displays, store fixtures, doors, counters, and signage.

Suspended Panels Lightweight Tradeshow booth

Tradeshows provide the perfect opportunity to apply Think Lightweight solutions. Obviously, reduction of weight is a key consideration and a natural fit for lightweight panels. Moving tradeshows from city to city is easier and more economical with lightweight, hollowcore panels.

Museums can take advantage of the creative aspects of our solutions and provide patrons with interesting signage, beautiful ceiling treatments and exhibit accents. The primary applications in public spaces are overhead ceilings, wall treatments, and display accents that liven up lobbies, meeting areas, and work spaces.

Think Lightweight solutions provide excellent back drops and props for films studios and theatres. We normally associate furniture with being heavy and bulky. Office furniture manufacturers can create new products categories of lightweight products. Corporate offices can also offer workspaces that use lightweight, hollowcore technology. Whether it’s a new construction or an office remodel, the concept of lightweight panels can save money that can be used for other improvements