Another important aspect to lightweight panels is their stability and consistency. Stability and consistency refer to the panel straightness, flatness, and lineal consistency. For example, we created the 12′ long hollowcore ceiling beams featured below. Working with solid wood in this situation would reveal their irregularities and imperfections of each piece. This is particularly noticeable when beams are placed closed together. With our Think Lightweight hollowcore panels, we guarantee your panels will appear 100% straight and look identical.CIBC Project

Flatness is an important aspect of consistency. We recently provided twenty-two trade shows booths for a national telecom company. For this project, they wanted to use a Formica high gloss white finish which will show any defects if not completely flat. Think Lightweight provided a smooth, finished look.

Lineal Consistency is defined by the consistent length of the beams. For instance, with a 27′ long beam we guarantee a tolerance of plus or minus 1/8” from one end to the other. You can’t achieve this high degree of lineal consistency with a solid wood product.