A key advantage of lightweight structures is their strength to weight ratio. That means you have very high strength with minimal panel weight.

Particle Board Will Bend, Sag, and Deflect

When you take a particle board and span it over 24” inches it will start to bend because of its own weight. Conversely, there is no bending or deflection with our lightweight panels. For example, a very well-known office furniture company wanted a 96″ beam unsupported. You simply can’t do that with solid material. However, with Think Lightweight products, we were able to accomplish this because of our a high strength to weight ratio.

Here is another great example of the advantages of strength to weight ratio. We completed a project at an apartment complex in a high traffic area where people are constantly going in and out of to retrieve their mail. A divider panel from the main entrance was installed to minimize the visual of the mail room. They initially installed this project with ¾” plywood in order to save money. Guess what happened? The strength to weight ratio of plywood caused it to sag. In addition, it was unstable and would vibrate when touched. They had to tear it out and replace it with a stronger and more durable material because people were continually bumping into it. The only answer was Think Lightweight. After installing our product, they now have a strong, hollowcore structure that separates the mail area from the lobby which is also aesthetically pleasing and remained within their cost budget.

Apartment Project