Lightweight Panels: Hollowcore Technology Solutions

When we consider the most remarkable feats in architecture, we envision structures that appear to defy gravity or bear immense weight, such as skyscrapers and suspension bridges. These structures stand strong due to their efficient and strategic weight distribution.
In interior architectural design, we can apply this same fundamental principle using the seemingly modest yet powerful lightweight panel.

What Is Lightweight Panel?

A Lightweight Panel is composed of a three-layer structure, two outer layers of thin but rigid material and a middle layer made of thicker, hollow core material. The hollow core’s material can vary based on the panel’s intended use, but this design generally results in a panel that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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In architecture, Lightweight Panels are valuable because the outer layers ensure durability, while the hollow core keeps the panel lightweight. This Hollow Core Technology configuration reduces weight by up to 85% compared to traditional materials, without compromising structural integrity.

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