Honeycomb Core Wood Panels – Lightweight Panels

What is a Honeycomb Core Wood Panel?

Our lightweight honeycomb core wood panels, manufactured in Canada, offer innovative weight-saving solutions. By utilizing MDF skins and a corrugated honeycomb core material, these panels can reduce weight by up to 85%. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications including wall panels, acoustic panels, doors, shelves, gables, and ceiling beams.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 3/4” to 3-3/4”, and sizes up to 5 ft x 12 ft sheets, these wood panels provide both versatility and efficiency. Standard finishes include laminate (HPL), raw ready to be veneer or painted and acoustic felt ensuring that there is an option to suit every design need.

Typically constructed with five layers: Face, skin, honeycomb core, skin and face. Our lightweight panels can be customized with a variety of core materials to meet specific design requirements. Adhesive varies widely by application: high strength, high temp, low temp, etc.


Honeycomb Core Panels Honeycomb Core Wood Panels Lightweight Panels Lightweight Wood Panels Think Lightweight Honeycomb Panels


Light, Strong, Tough, and Cost-Effective

Our honeycomb core wood panels combine high strength and lightweight characteristics, offering an efficient and robust alternative to traditional core materials such as plywood, particleboard, and MDF. These panels are designed for ease of use across various markets, applications and processes and can be engineered to meet specific strength and stiffness requirements.


Key Features of Honeycomb Core Wood Panels

Lightweight & Strong: The thin, hollow hexagonal structure of the honeycomb core ensures that the panels are both lightweight and exceptionally strong.

Super Flatness: Unlike plywood, which can have surface inconsistencies and internal stresses, our honeycomb structure ensures long-term flatness. This makes them ideal for applications where precision and aesthetics are crucial.


Applications of Honeycomb Core Wood Panels

  • Furniture panels: Ideal for producing desks, tables, storage, cabinets, closets, and other furniture pieces, our honeycomb panels provide strength and durability without the added weight.
  • Architectural uses: Perfect for interior ceilings, wall panels and partition walls, these panels offer versatile solutions for a range of architectural needs.
  • Healthcare industry including medical mobile units and wall panels
  • Tradeshow industry for booths and displays
  • Commercial doors, architectural doors, sliding doors for any industry
  • Retail industry for shelves, displays, cash wraps, display cases, and reception desks
  • Hospitality industry for platform beds, headboard panels, tabletops, tables, and floating shelves


Why Choose Our Honeycomb Core Wood Panels?

Choosing our honeycomb core wood panels means opting for a product that combines lightweight efficiency with high strength and durability. Engineered for performance, competitively priced, and available with quick lead times, our panels are the ideal solution for a wide array of applications. Whether you need standard or custom-engineered panels, we are here to provide the right solution for your needs.

For more information about our lightweight honeycomb core wood panels and how they can enhance your projects, contact us today – https://thinklightweight.com/contact-us/

Types of Lightweight Panels

The Importance of Weight in Architectural Interior Design

Understanding why weight is crucial in architectural interior design can enhance the strength, longevity, portability, and cost-effectiveness of your projects. Here’s a closer look at why weight matters and the innovative materials that make lightweight construction possible.

  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Traditionally, heavier materials were considered more durable and stronger. However, advancements in engineering and design have shown that lightweight materials can offer exceptional strength. For example, in construction applications like bridge reinforcement and seismic retrofitting, carbon fiber composites are used because they provide exceptional strength with minimal additional weight, significantly enhancing structural performance without substantial weight increases.

Our materials can reach lengths of up to 144″ with minimal bending and deflecting.

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Lightweight Panels: Hollowcore Technology Solutions

When we consider the most remarkable feats in architecture, we envision structures that appear to defy gravity or bear immense weight, such as skyscrapers and suspension bridges. These structures stand strong due to their efficient and strategic weight distribution.
In interior architectural design, we can apply this same fundamental principle using the seemingly modest yet powerful lightweight panel.

What Is Lightweight Panel?

A Lightweight Panel is composed of a three-layer structure, two outer layers of thin but rigid material and a middle layer made of thicker, hollow core material. The hollow core’s material can vary based on the panel’s intended use, but this design generally results in a panel that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Think Lightweight Workstation Panels Office Furniture Panels Lightweight Panels Hollow Core Panels Lightweight Wood Panels Hollow Core Wood Panels

In architecture, Lightweight Panels are valuable because the outer layers ensure durability, while the hollow core keeps the panel lightweight. This Hollow Core Technology configuration reduces weight by up to 85% compared to traditional materials, without compromising structural integrity.

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Streamline Your Manufacturing Process with Think Lightweight

Are you seeking to revolutionize your manufacturing process? Look no further than Think Lightweight. Our comprehensive suite of services and capabilities are designed to meet your every need, ensuring efficiency, quality, and reliability every step of the way.

Just-In-Time Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced world, timing is everything. With Think Lightweight, you can rest assured that your production needs will be met precisely when you need them. Our global supply chain combined with domestic manufacturing capabilities allows us to deliver lightweight panels, hollow core wood panels, quality components, assembled or ready-to-assemble, exactly when you need them. Say goodbye to excess inventory and hello to increased speed and efficiency.

Think Lightweight Lightweight Panel Solutions Wood Panel Manufacturer Laminate Solutions Hollow Core Wood Panels Lightweight Panel Technology

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Transforming Healthcare Center: How Think Lightweight Architectural Ceilings Transformed UCLA Health Center Lobby Space

In the bustling world of healthcare, every detail matters, especially when it comes to creating spaces that promote healing and comfort. UCLA Health Center, renowned for its commitment to excellence in patient care, recently underwent a remarkable transformation. Let’s delve into how these Lightweight Panels and modern designs have elevated the atmosphere of this prestigious institution.

UCLA Health LaForma Think Lightweight Royal Plywood Ceiling Baffles Ceiling Beams Ceiling Beams near me Ceiling Baffles near me Ceiling laminate beams custom baffles custom ceiling baffles Lightweight Panels Lightweight Wood Panels

At the heart of UCLA Health Center’s renovation lies the reception area, a vital space where patients and visitors form their first impressions. LaForma design team envisioned a contemporary, all-white theme that exudes professionalism and cleanliness, mirroring the institution’s dedication to exceptional care. However, it was the ceiling design that truly stole the show, incorporating modern architectural elements reminiscent of floating clouds.

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The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Microbial Laminate Solutions for Healthcare Environments

In healthcare environments, cleanliness and durability are paramount. Laminate surfaces emerge as the ideal solution, offering a blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. At Think Lightweight, we specialize in providing high-pressure laminate (HPL) edge banding and cabinet pulls and custom panels tailored for healthcare settings, with anti-microbial properties. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits and applications of our anti-microbial laminate solutions.

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