The Artistry & Innovation of Our Wood Manufacturing Capabilities at Think Lightweight

Welcome to our newsletter dedicated to the world of wood manufacturing excellence! In this edition, we’re thrilled to unveil the magic that happens within our facilities.

From ceiling panels that transform spaces to the artistry of tradeshow wall partitions, and the seamless hospitality products, all made possible by our cutting-edge PUR laminating line. We’re excited to take you on a journey through innovation and craftsmanship.

We have implemented PUR laminating line in our production facility recently which reduces our production time compared to traditional adhesives that require longer curing periods. This quick curing time enables faster production turnaround, allowing us to meet tight deadlines and respond to our customer demands promptly.

Our ability to provide tailor-made wood products such as Custom Wood Panels, Office Furniture, Display Wall Panels, Custom Retail Fixtures, Custom Functional Furniture, Wall Partitions, Ceiling Beams

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High End Car Dealership

For this high end car dealership, Think Lightweight manufactured the overhead beams. We machined a groove to inset the LED lighting. The extra design efforts and details helped win this booth Best Booth of the Show!

We’ve Moved In!


We’ve moved in! Check out our new Headquarters that feature a variety of products made in-house! The cloud of laminated beams, our over-sized custom suspended light features; the creative look and feel fits perfectly with our culture as we continue to help our customers expand their design abilities with our lightweight panels and engineered solutions! Please ask to come visit us to see the rest of our manufacturing process and offices!

IWF 2016 Show in Atlanta!


We would like to thank everyone at the IWF that helped make our show such a successful one! With such positive feedback from our users, we look forward to working with you and developing solutions for your lightweight panel needs. Also, thank you to our team that created our attractive booth 100% out of Think Lightweight products!


Lightweight Honeycomb Wall Panels

The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation, a non-profit organization were looking for a cost effective wall system for their latest Sherlock Holmes exhibit and were pleasantly surprised with our lightweight wall solution.

Thinklightweight was able to meet their design needs, scheduled time frame and shipped across Canada all within their target budget!

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Pizza Hut

Lightweight Hollowcore Ceiling Fixtures

This popular pizza restaurant recently updated their signature locations to reflect a more upbeat industrial look, the design team were looking for cost reduction and opted for the open ceiling look. In some of the newer locations there were very few features and the idea of steel I-beams was created, this of course involved enormous material and structural cost. Working along with the designers we were able to provide a hollowcore solution that looked exactly like the real thing and suspended with steel wires

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Bell Trade Show Booth

Lightweight Hollowcore Tradeshow Panels

Lightweight panel technology fulfilled the design requirements of creating a long, unsupported ceiling to cover the booth and integrate overhead lighting for this high profile phone provider, Bell Canada. The walls were also made out of lightweight material which made it easy to install and move as needed.

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